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CLUE-sual Suspects (And Mr. Doremus) by liizbop CLUE-sual Suspects (And Mr. Doremus) by liizbop
Okay so you know how I was talking all about the Clue board game I'm doing for Macbeth? I finished the Suspect cards, and here they are! I'm so excited because of how great they came out, and can't wait for my teacher to look over the game!

Man, and to think that all this took was 6 and a half consecutive hours, 89 layers on Krita, four cups of coffee, emotional support from a houseplant named Oliver, a lot of uncomfortable eye contact with Mr. D during class, three attempts to fix the transparent background to not be black, a whole lot of screaming, excessive neck and back pain, three angry rants from my parents about how I need to sleep, lyrics to a song by Queen, and half of the soundtrack of Undertale!

Each of these characters has a little description behind them, so I'm going to go into detail below!

Macduff as Mrs. Peacock
        This is my son, Macduff. His castle, Fife, is super drafty, so he owns exclusively winter wear and is seen wearing parkas and sweaters 90% of the time. He suffers from crippling depression, and watching EVERYONE AROUND HIM DIE hasn't really helped that problem one bit. His hobbies include knitting sweaters, baking cookies, and exacting Jacobean revenge on those who wrong him.

Banquo as Mrs. White
Banquo is a lot smarter than you, and won't hesitate to rub this fact in your face. This has made life somewhat difficult for him, as he doesn't have too many friends. He used to be close to his son, Fleancé, but the two haven't been in contact much because Fleancé's music career took off and then he had twins.

Witches as Professor Plum
Or, at least, that’s what they call themselves. These three creeps have been lurking around Inverness for the past few days, and don’t seem to understand the concepts of rudimentary English or hygiene.

Malcolm as Colonel Mustard
        Yes, he's aware that his features are very feminine. He was born like that, and is very insecure about it, so stop bringing it up, you insensitive creep.

Lady Macbeth as Mr. Green
        She’s not really a suspect, it’s more of a posterity thing. Do you really expect a mere woman to conceive of such a horrid action?

Macbeth as Miss Scarlet
        The war hero and owner of the Inverness. He was recently promoted to Thane of Cawdor and then King, following the deaths of these positions' previous holders. He's been well-loved since he shut down the revolution, and, in the process, killed a lotta people...  (based on stevenbooniverse)

Mr. Doremus as Why Are You Even Here Stop It
I made a suspect card for my English teacher. Yes, the very same English teacher whom I frequently throw shade at and who can view this account, should he choose to do so. I wasn't initially going to post the version with him in it, but something interesting happened at school today, so I decided "What the hack?"

So after I finished arting this, I meant to send these to my partner in my group, but instead accidentally sent them to the Grease chat, which Mr. D also just so happens to be in...

I was very nervous about having to confront him today, until history class. After taking a test, my teacher was like "Hey, Lizzie, did you draw Mr. D as Macbeth?" and I was like "Well, technically, uh, nah, but I did draw him as part of the project?" And she pulls out her phone, opens up instagram, and proceeds to show me that he posted my artwork there without telling me and I'm not sure whether to be flattered or angry about this!?

So if he's okay with sharing it, I guess there isn't anything stopping me from doing so.

All I can hope is that he wasn't like "O yea I draw this aren't I great" because that's real mean, especially since I have no way to see whether he did that or not.

As usual, this was done in Krita with a Wacom Intuous Pen Small Tablet so there
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a-paranoid-android Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student General Artist
omfg he shared it?? X'D that's kind of amazing, not gonna lie
liizbop Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist

he sends very mixed messages; it's hard to tell whether or not he approves of things

but Blaze said he "Thoroughly enjoyed it" so that's good I guess

*secretly plans more Doremus-centric visual gags for future projects*
a-paranoid-android Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Student General Artist
yeah, he's not the most straightforward of people :/ but i agree with mrs.blaze on this
i can imagine him really liking it
liizbop Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
He's very catty. Like of all the petty theater people whose crap I have to put up with, he takes the cake

I feel like in an actual Clue situation he'd be more inconvenienced than anything

"You guys I have rehearsal in 15 minutes; I don't have time for this shit."

I'd probably spend the entire time trying to frame him for the crime, regardless of whether I was the killer or not
a-paranoid-android Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Student General Artist
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